Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Microtech Industrial Automation has been established and issued from the early days of Microtech foundation in 2012 to provide the construction services and products with the best quality for clients, fitting to clients’ budget, executing projects on schedule and safety.

We are committed to implement the quality policy through:

  • Building, maintenance and development engineering staff, professional staff, dynamic, innovative, skilled and professional expertise.

  • Implement a sustainable development strategy, commitment to quality and project progress, towards the satisfaction to meet better the needs and expectations of customers.

  • Cooperation with suppliers, subcontractors and reputable construction capacity.

  • Cooperating with reputable suppliers, Contractors, OEM: closely control the supply of Automation system materials & supplies high quality technical and clear origin to ensure quality work to ensure the quality of the projects, meet the requirements of clients. Especially, we are not using the central control devices as PLC, HMI originating from China

  • Organizing training courses to improve the professional knowledge for management team and construction personnel on sites.

  • Complying with the provisions of laws, industry regulations, standards and codes of business lines.

We understand the value of trust and understanding and we are working hard to perform our quality commitment in order to create sustainable projects.

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