Onsite services

    The Embedded Engineer program provides a full time Microtech Automation Engineer at your site. An embedded engineer is always available to provide onsite support and maintenance services to meet your immediate needs and future goals. 

Services can include preventive maintenance:

    Start-up and commissioning: Our professional engineers is able to on site with you and your team to help starpup and commission your products and systems. We can sent our engineers out to work with your team as a your company group. These engineers work fulltime to provides engineering and maintenance services for all of your automation equipment, and help to troubleshooting and resolve unplaned downtime events or assist with engineering.


  • Reduce liability for equipment malfunction or failure

  • Provide maintenance for all your production equipment

  • Improve machine and production performance, improve product quality

  • Identify machine problems before a breakdown occurs

  • Provide skilled resources to quickly and efficiently complete engineering and programming projects

  • Improve machine operations skills

  • Supplement operations/maintenance staff during peak workload

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