Ethernet Router

Ethernet Router

REX 100, REX 300 Ethernet Router

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REX 100, Ethernet Router

The new industrial router REX 100 presents itself in a compact design. The less-than-palm-sized devices can be snapped into the control cabinet on every DIN rail. Nevertheless, they offer all the features you expect from a state-of-the-art teleservice solution.

Regardless of the manufacturer, Ethernet participants such as PLCs can be reached with the router.

On the connection side, REX 100 variants for the transmission standards 3G (GSM) or WAN (DSL) are currently available.

The Ethernet variant of the router is equipped with a 3-port switch, and the cellular network variant with a 4-port switch.

The model series REX 100 is systematically designed to operate in conjunction with the VPN portal myREX24:

All programming and teleservice is carried out on the portal.

REX 300, Ethernet Router

REX 300 industrial routers are designed to enable you to establish a simple and secure connection between your remote servicing computer and your equipment in the field.

Due to its design, the REX 300 can easily be integrated into an S7 system, but if you want to mount the REX 300 on a DIN rail, this is easily possible with this mounting rail adapter for DIN rails.

Advantages of REX 300 routers used in conjunction with the myREX24 VPN portal:

1. Quick and easy configuration

2. Clearly laid-out view of your routers in the field

3. Direct and secure VPN connection through the portal

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REX 100 3G, Ethernet router, 4 x LAN (switch)/1 x 3G modem (UMTS)


REX 300 VPN + WAN, PROFIBUS, analog + serial interface

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