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Microtech provides the most comprehensive about Water waste treatment automation system, cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services. We offer optimize your design and engineering, reduce the risk to water supply and conventional water treatment processes to wastewater reuse systems. These products and services are designed to help keep your city safe, or your factory profitable

    We provide a wide range of solutions in cooperation with Contractors experts of environmental, industry and government authorities. In most cases  our environmental related projects result in significant cost savings such as Energy Reduction, Reuse of Waste, Water Usage Reduction and Reduced Product Losses to name a few. We have the expertise to interface measurement and control equipment to local and remote control systems. This capability forms part of the Microtech range of complete Industrial Automation solutions.


  • Lift Station — in this application, pumps transfer the contents of the well in the lift station building to the raw sewage wet well at the wastewater treatment plant.        

  • Dosing Pumps — the alum is pumped from the two storage tanks by two metering pumps.        

  • Primary Treatment — the aeration and primary clarification processes take place here.

  • Headworks — screening, influent flow measurement, and grit removal take place here.         

  • Secondary Treatment — the aeration and secondary clarification processes take place here.         

  • Solids Handling — Solids agitation and transfer to the belt filter press occurs here.       

  • Chemical Feed System — chemical mixing with incoming influent occurs here.       

  • Flushing System — this application is used to flush out a basin.

  • Raw Water Intake —Screening, influent flow measurement and grit removal take place here.         

  • Separation Station —Rapid mix, flocculation, and sedimentation take place here.         

  • High Service Pumps — this is the final step, where the treated water is pumped to the water tower.


Collaborative tools allow design, engineering and commissioning, from the sensor up to the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. These tools provide support throughout the project’s lifecycle, including operation and maintenance, as well as during extensions and process changes. The savings made by using these tools are based on proven methodologies and the reuse of predefined application know-how. The unique design and user interface reduce the effort needed for operator and maintenance training.

  • HMI or SCADA command & Control of water Treatment         

  • Dual Redundant systems         

  • Remote Pumping Station, Pump management         

  • Clean Water Distribution


Help reduce operational costs through

  • Power and Energy Management         

  • Energy Monitoring Software          

  • Power Monitoring          

  • Remote control Service          

  • Avoiding large capital costs         

  • Reducing operation and maintenance cost          

  • Promoting business and job opportunities         

  • Benefiting water quality and availability

  • Reduced cabling and size of equipment 

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