Food & Beverage Industries Control

The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges: reduce production costs and raw material usage, while maintaining quality and ensuring the health and safety of products and workers

 Our engineers have more experience in Food & Beverage industries, they have been helping food and beverage producers meet these challenges through the design and integration of automation, control and information systems. We understand the critical role of Quality Control in the food and beverage industry. And real-time information is key to quality control. Integration of a comprehensive data enabled information system will help you improve product quality, shorten customer recall times and provide greater understanding of your production environment. Our solutions have a direct and immediate impact on material, labor and energy costs and help customers.


Food and Beverage manufacturers require superior monitoring control, reporting, trending and alarming

  • Install a control system using state-of-the-art hardware and software that provides complete coverage of all critical operating areas.         

  • Provide centralized monitoring and control for the entire system via HMI and SCADA.      

  • Batch systems, recipes management and reporting         

  • Industrial Weighing Systems: Load Cells and Weighing Modules         

  • Panels & Monitors washdown, stainless steel         

  • Development Software that allows floor control has contact in real-time with the monitoring networks and any other         

  • Embedded feature ‘Watch and Recipe Manager’ allows read and write directly on the recipe.         

  • Drives for dispensers, fillers, fans, conveyors, ovens, refrigerators and water pumps.         

  • Decentralized architecture that helps the food industry for control and monitoring of remote stations, process automation and measurements.         

  • Alarm notification, data logging, integrated web server, SCADA         

  • IO wireless systems with high reliability systems for database connectivity         

  • Automated filling orders in warehouse and pallets.


  • Automatic energy saving functions to cut operating costs       

  • Less maintenance costs and extended equipment lifetime by optimizing system run time       

  • Improve production quality by consistent Streamline and temperature control       

  • Better management control through real-time monitoring of the complete system at a central location.    

  • More efficient troubleshooting and maintenance by pinpointing problems and solutions         

  • User-friendly graphical displays by HMI and SCADA system         

  • Improve overall plant safety

  • Meet industry standards


The key focus of our Maintenance Support services is to minimize unscheduled downtime in the support of overall plant efficiency. Microtech accomplishes this by providing the engineering services necessary to compliment your resources by providing training in a collaborative environment and by simplifying technical challenges faced in daily operations. We deliver innovative predictive maintenance and performance monitoring solutions to reduce downtime and overall maintenance costs.

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